Soft, heavy and bulky Car Cover, but is waterproof

I bought this Car Cover for my dad. He has three tractors and most of the time he only has room to park two at a time in the building. He was covering one with a tarp before this. It kind a worked but was hard to keep from blowing off, and sometimes let the rain in cause it was always blowing around.

This cover is made to fit. It is not real heavy and bulky, but it does seem to be waterproof. When I first opened it I didn’t think it would be the material is pretty soft. But we put it on the tractor and after a big rain we uncovered it and it was dry. We had to make some adjustments to get it to stay on the tractor, but it works way better than a tarp, and if they make a tractor cover I haven’t found it yet.Car Cover

This car cover seems to be well made, the stitching seems like it’s not going to come undone anytime soon. The underneath of the cover is soft, so it wouldn’t scratch your paint. The elastic around the bottom really helps keep it on, and the straps make sure it doesn’t blow off when it’s windy.
This car cover is pretty affordable when compared to a lot of others. We’ve only been using it about a week but so far it has done the job.
I did get this at a discounted rate in exchange for my hones review. I’m writing my review as if I’d have paid full price for this.