The Premium Quality Wholesale E-Liquid Offered By Vista E-juice

E liquid is act as a fuel for electronic cigarettes. The electronic cigarette helps to quit people to smoke by just vaping the e cigarettes. Many people think that e-cigarettes are advance version of tobacco cigarettes it is completely not. An electronic cigarette helps to stop smoking and it is a handheld device which helps to produce vapors of different flavor by inhales the e juice liquid. One of the famous companies which provide wholesale e liquid is vista e-juice they offer different varieties of flavors based on user requirement you can mix and get the e-liquid.wholesale e liquid

Components In E-juice

The e-juice liquid contains five components together first mixture is vegetable glycerin every e juice liquid contains around 80-90 percentĀ  or the vegetable glycerin is combined with PG like 50/50 ration of VG and PG or 80/20 ratio of VG/PG this combination is most widely used in all personal care products such as toothpaste. Second mixture is propylene glycol(PG) generally combined with Vegetable Glycerin to produce the base mix of e-juice liquid it is completely solvent and it is used in the fog machines since it produce clouds of vapors. Some may get allergic to the PG solvent like throat dryness and common allergic issue. If people have such issues then it is best to get 100% VG base mix for e-liquid. Third mixture is flavor around 10-20% of flavor is used in the e-liquid most of the flavors used is approved by food grade authority also this flavors are used in bakery and some foods. Fourth mixture is nicotine 0-2.4% they used, that too pharmaceutical grade nicotine it will not cause any harmful effects like cigarettes even such small percentage of nicotine is used in our daily purpose tooth paste. Final mixture is water used to dilute other mixture solution is needed.